Show your true COLORS and set yourself apart with creative, one of a kind web and graphic solutions.

Small business owners:
business ID, brochures, vector illustrations, html websites
Interior designers:  presentation support (perspective drawings, CAD floorplans, sample boards, models)
Architects: general CAD drafting, models


Interior design and graphic art studies at Parson School of Design, New York.
Worked with Angus Bruce Design Ltd. specializing in South Manhattan loft design. Provided various NY interior design firms with presentation packages and project related services.
Design work at In-On Architecture, a Paris based architectural firm.
Design support work for Linda Garland, Bali.
Self-taught webdesigner since 2005.
Non-design related activitiy:
Business owner in semi-conductor industry for 7 years, 150 employees. Company was successfully sold.

Lived in Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York, Bali.
Now in Santa Cruz, CA . . . can hear the Pacific Ocean surf from my bedroom.

Constant Contact
Newsletter design

Client List

A&A Organics
Aikido Santa Cruz
Alkaline Lifestyle Support
Alpha Surveyors
Aptos Academy
Aptos Yoga
Arnold Partners
Aron Brall - NASA
ASQ, The Global Voice of Quality
Avedica Neutraceuticals
Bill Brooks Real Estate
Billy Packard Mandolin
Bond Marketing Communications
Bridgette Land Surveying
C2G Civil Consultants Group
Capitola Reef
CCS Comprehensive Career Services
Cheryl Tulkoff, Reliability Expert at DfR Solutions
Climate Response
Clint Korver - Miriam Rivera
Constantine Gehriger
Cyndy Brooks
Dan Wenger
Danis Taylor, Architect
Davenport Roadhouse
David Oberhettinger - NASA
Debbie Ryman
Denny Beck
Deric Stockton
Diamond Dynamic
Diana Wszczuk, Jungian Psychotherapist
EastGate Mystic
Elite Construction Services
Environmental Bamboo Foundation
European Environments
Frances McCann, Soprano
Fred Schenkelberg
George Financial Advisors
Gifts for Teens, San Jose, CA
Grace Financial Advisors
Greenough Consulting Group
Hamilton Swift
Hans Zweig, Physicist
Harbor Gallery
Hilliard Rome - Marcus Pohlmann
IN-ON Architecture - Paris
J. O'Neill Marketing
Jack O'Neil
Jean-Anne Taormina
Jeb T. Henley
Jesse Wilkins, Computer Consultant
Kent & Carmel Lowry
Karen Zelin Yoga
Karl Bareis
Kathleen Pouls Acupuncture
Katie Griffin
Kelly Utic
Kirsti Scott
Kristi Kimes Tutoring
Kula Consulting
Laural M. Andrews, LMFT
Lida Strong
Linda Garland Estate, Bali
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Bodywork
Maria Pratt Natural Tattoo Removal
Marion Weil
Megan's Living Well
Melody Sharp Web Design
Mike Hardin, Painter
Mirjam Kuusik and Lucio Fanni
Mpress Digital

Olga Cossi, Writer
Ops a la Carte
Pancer Channel Solutions
Peter Beckmann - Beckmann Bakery
Pilates of Sag Harbor
Port Systems
RAMS Reliability & Maintainability Symposium
RBCO Enterprises
Redfish Instruments
Reliable Restaurant Results
Rodgers & Associates Marine Surveyors
Saddlebags Riding Club
Santa Cruz Scooter Club
Scott Andrews
Sharon Dunn, Animal Communicator
Somerset Doors and Windows
Sorrento Oaks HOA, Inc.
Spaghetti against the Wall
Spear Trade
Susan Allison, Psychotherapy
Susan Moranda
The Primary Water Institute
The Raechel & Jackie Foundation
The Sparkletones
Timeless Earth Wisdom
Toby Penni, Asian Art Consultant
Tom Kennedy, Artist
Toni Crossen Family Therapy
True Olive Connection, S. Cruz
University of California Santa Cruz
Watch Technologies
Watsonville Computers
Westfalia USA Technologies, York, PA